2017 Schedule: Talks & Workstations

* Subject to change

Friday, July 28



Opening ceremonies by EFF & Nic0

r00tz Badge by Pamela

Hacking Your New Web Camera by Aaron Standridge, Distinguished Engineer & Aron Rosenberg, Head of Technology, Logitech

Searching the Invisible Internet by Rsnake/Robert Hansen

You can't protect yourself unless you know what you own. Find out how an attacker finds the hidden parts of companies to know where to attack.

Arm Mounted Weaponized Platform & Anime Viewer by Corban Villa

In this talk, we will scan the local area for bluetooth packets with the help of the Ubertooth one, intercept them, and extrapolate as much information as possible, such as tracing mac addresses to find the device type, or brute-forcing encrypted packets to unveil the information you thought to be, “secure.” We will also scan the local area for vulnerable wireless networks using weak encryption methods. Finally, we'll watch hours of anime anywhere with the mobility of a Raspberry Pi for endless entertainment.

How to Prepare for Internet Privacy at College by Patrick McCanna

How do you prepare for Internet privacy at college? This talk will provide an overview of what the threats are and how to defend against them. Following the talk, the kids can jump right in to do the privacy hacks & privacy defenses at the workstations.

Hacking & Robotics v2.0 by Erin Owens

Before jumping into a mindblowing workstation for programming Lego mindstorms robots, this talk will cover the LegoFirst Core Values so the kids can apply their super human powers for good and good only. 

"You are not a Digital Native (and that's OK)" by Cory Doctorow



10:30 - 4:00   Junkyard by AT&T

Disassemble and explore smartphones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets.

10:30 - 4:00   Lock Picking, Puzzles & Snap Circuits

10:30 - 4:00   Soldering/Coding

This year all kids will be soldering their own r00tz badge and then coding them.

1:00 - 4:00  "The Hacker Games", "Link Buster", "Intro to Scratch" by AT&T

This hands-on workstation features security lessons conveyed through web-based games: “The Hacker Games” and “Link Buster”. We will also play with a programming environment Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

1:00 - 4:00 3D Printing & Wearables

Learn, create and print any 3-dimensional object you want including wearables.

1:00  -  4:00 Hacking & Robotics with Erin Patrick Owens

Mindblowing workstation for programming Lego mindstorms robots. Our beginner games will attract and encourage high participation will include a combination of programming challenges, self-help instructional resources, and fun robotics questions and answers for partial credit.

Advanced or beginner (1-3 person teams welcome) gaming will apply technology to solving problems. Kinetic interaction with robots is exciting and provides a tangible output for the participant/learner time. Our games have been enhanced this year to significantly reduce time while advancing individuals or teams in challenge matches.

1:00  -  4:00 Crypto & Privacy Village

The Crypto & Privacy Village will host a series of crypto puzzles for the awesome kids at r00tz to solve. We will also have hands on staff to help kids solve the crypto challenges, teach about privacy tools, why encryption and privacy is important, and other awesome things. 

1:00  -  4:00 Capture the Flag by Facebook

Compete for awesome prizes and learn new security skills in this Facebook computer-based competition. Players will work on teams to earn points and gain control of the game map by completing both defense and offense challenges. Friday is the Scooby session which is designed for beginners and Saturday will be the advanced Sherlock session. Limited seating!”

1:00  -  4:00  Hacking wifi camera's by Logitech


Saturday, July 29


10:00 TBD

10:15 TBD

10:30 Alex Stamos, CSO, Facebook

10:45 Everything you need to know about the U.S. Department of Justice, Computer Crime & Intellectual Property by Leonard Bailey

The Justice Department and white hat hackers have frequently worked side-by-side to stop malware from destroying computers around the globe. This talk would explain how vulnerabilities can be exploited to create something as large, powerful, and potentially destructive as a botnet but also how technology can be leveraged to combat botnets.

This talk would provide a basic explanation of botnets and describe how the combined efforts of white hat hackers and law enforcement have identified technological chinks in their armor through use of legal authority and technological know how.

11:00 Introduction to cheat engine with demos by David Weinman
This talk will introduce a cheat engine using demos of hacking simple games such as Counterstrike and/or emulated games like Super Mario 64 etc. This talk will open the kids' horizons to developing game cheats and will challenge them to build skills in reverse engineering to combine with skills in the cheat engine tool

11:15 Drone Wars by Erin Owens


Kids currently involved in STEM or cyber programs want to interact kinetically with robots, drones, VR, and next generation nano technology. This talk followed by a workstation will feature help the kids to learn how to interact with a potentially new and relatively expensive macro-technology lineage. One of the demonstrations will focus on advanced adaptations including a wireless assault drone that will be featured at DefCon bridging kinetic and cyber domains.

11:30 Mansion Apartment Shack House: How To Explain Crypto To Practically Anyone by Tarah

Ever stuttered when someone asked you "So, what *is* cryptography, anyway?" We're all in infosec but explaining crypto easily and memorably to people without making it too complicated or insulting their intelligence is nontrivial. Keeping it simple is never stupid, and we all need more converts to understanding that crypto isn't magic, it's just a bit of math and trust.

11:45 Home Depot and a Plan of Attack for Hackers by Deviant

Is hacking in your blood? Do you see projects where others simply see problems?  If something is "broken," do you try to fix it yourself before you ask for help or consider throwing it away? That's awesome, but, there are hurdles to face when embarking on projects... sometimes, the hardest problems to overcome happen right at the start: finding the right tools and parts to use! This talk will offer some tips, tricks, and stories to help you get what you need while avoiding obstacles and unnecessary circular conversations with people who may just not get it.



10:30 - 4:00 Junkyard by AT&T

10:30 - 4:00 Lock Picking, Puzzles & Snap Circuits

10:30 - 4:00 Soldering /Coding

1:00 - 4:00 "The Hacker Games", "Link Buster", "Intro to Scratch" by AT&T

1:00 - 4:00 3D Printing & Wearables

1:00 - 4:00   Capture the Flag by Facebook

1:00 - 4:00  "How to Hack the Pentagon: Super Power for Good Against Evil"

Join hackers from the Army, NSA, and private sector to get a taste of offensive cyber operations. Participants will use actual penetration testing tools to hack a real computer system, going through the steps of footprinting/scanning, enumeration and attack. They will also discuss how the technical topics they explore in this workshop impact policy and their everyday lives.

Participants will gain hands-on experience with penetration testing tools & methodology, and see what "hacking" is all about. They will also gain a better appreciation of both the power and vulnerability of the technology that permeates their lives, and better understand current events as they relate to cyber security.

This workshop will provide activities with varying levels of difficulty. Each participant may complete the activities that suit their level of prior interest / experience so that everyone can leave the workshop having learned something new.

1:00 - 4:00  Drone Wars by Erin Patrick Owens

Drones are exciting for kids and the next generation of pilots will likely work in these fields in greater numbers than traditional pilots. These STEM programs focusing on drones encourage kids to kinetically interact with technology while learning how adaptations can be applied for functional use. Attendees will learn remote camera functions and setups, real flight controllers, simulated flights and drone functions, and fun and exciting adaptations.

This workstation will engage kids in:

  • Real Drone Gameplay with VR integration and high score award winners.
  • Building kits for small drones available for instructional construction and operation.
  • using 3-5 Drone and rf aircraft flight simulator stations and
  • Demonstrating the new wireless assault drone will be unveiled.

Sunday, July 30


10:30 - 1:00 Lock Picking, Puzzles & Snap Circuits

10:30 - 1:00 Soldering /Coding

1:00 - 1:00 3D Printing & Wearables

10:30 - 1:00 Let’s Catch Some Bugs & Make Some $ by Ingrum Putz of BugCrowd

10:45 Tour of Car Hacking Village by Dan T


Lauren Puhlmann, r00tz Master of Ceremonies

Lauren is 13 years old and just returned from 4 weeks in Europe in an international teenager camp learning German with 60 kids from 22 countries. Outside traveling and learning other languages, her greatest passions are singing, dancing, gymnastics, playing soccer and science.  She was a finalist in one of the San Francisco Bay Area science fairs and had the opportunity to practice her singing and dancing talents since the age of seven at Starquest, a Northern California talent show.   In addition to singing and dancing she has MC’d the show for the last 4 years. Lauren just finished 8th grade with honors and later this month she will embark on her high school journey where she will be on the cheer team.