More details on r00tz workstations:


Capture The Flag (CTF) 101 by Amazon

r00tz hackers will get their introduction to security CTFs!  NeverLan will be running a CTF during r00tz- but if you’ve never done one before, it can be intimidating!  This worklab will help you understand what you do in a CTF.  It will also teach you real world penetration testing techniques.  Come sign up to work through 3 CTF challenges.


Lockpicking Competition by Amazon

r00tz hackers will get the opportunity to apply their newly acquired lockpicking skills.  Amazon will be offering timed challenges for lockpickers.  In this exciting lab, you’ll have 90 seconds to pick the lock to win a prize.  We have easy and challenging lockboxes to try.


Challenge Accepted - Hacking for Fun and (Legal) Profit by Synack and Point3

Level up your hacking skills with hands-on challenges to introduce you to security training and ethical hacking. All levels welcome!

Experts from the offensive and defensive sides of cybersecurity will walk you through recon and exploit concepts using hands-on techniques. We’ll run through analytics to detect malicious cyber activity and hands-on labs to conduct attacks with actual penetration testing tools and real-world "hacks" on a live system. Get ready to go through the steps of footprinting/scanning, enumeration and attack. Point3 instructors will show how weaknesses are found and Synack ethical hackers will explain how found weaknesses can be used for exploits.

 Three challenges, with a range in difficulty, are available for participants:

 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM - Network (Intermediate) - A short overview of how TCP works explaining why we care about how computers use that protocol. How everyone uses it and why we as security researchers need to be prepared to analyze network data.  

 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Window Decompiling (Advanced) - Pick apart a Windows compiled program and find out where and why data obfuscation and secure programming is important. |  Web Attacks 101 (Beginner) - Learn the basics about web hacking. Beginners encouraged!


Election Hacking by Voting Village

The Voting Village will give r00tz hackers the opportunity to alter political candidates’ campaign finance contributions on simulated Secretary of State websites. This challenge will offer kids insight into yet another critical element within the election lifecycle and, in concert with the AI village, demonstrate how altered data can sow the seeds of disinformation social media campaigns. The purpose of this challenge is to educate and, hopefully, foster a notion of civic engagement as this generation becomes the next generation of voters.


r00tzBook Misinformation CTF by AI Village

Misinformation is a rapidly-emerging threat to public discourse on key issues. Increasingly, the next public forum is located in our digital neighborhoods and communities. Two-thirds of American adults get at least some of their news on social media. Yet on the Internet, not everyone is who they claim to be.

 Tech companies are scrambling to fix the online misinformation problem. Due to the sheer scale of online activity, researchers leverage machine learning techniques to help attack the problem. These approaches have limits, and must adapt to a constantly-changing threat landscape

 The AI Village has built a hands-on red team vs. blue team misinformation CTF on a closed-course, simulated social network. Participants will:

  • Create bots to disseminate a message, and see the social network changes in real time. Learn how bots can be responsibly used on social media networks.

  • Learn about spam filters that use a variety of machine learning techniques, including anomaly detection and natural language processing.

  • Generate bot behaviors to attempt to evade spam filters, experiencing the adversarial nature of the CTF.

  • Learn about ethics and best practices from volunteer instructors.

Read more about the workstation here:

We look forward to seeing you at r00tz to train the next generation of cybersecurity experts and informed Internet users.


Capture the Flag (CTF) by NeverLAN CTF

The NeverLAN CTF is a Capture the Flag event that focuses on teaching security to the new generation through hacking challenges. Mentors will be available to help beginners throughout the duration of the event.

Compete for awesome prizes and learn new security skills in this computer-based competition. Players will work on teams to earn points and gain control of the game map by completing both defense and offense challenges.


Teach a Computer by Cecilia and Alan

This workstation gives r00tz hackers a taste of machine learning using three short image recognition and text classification projects. Teach a computer to recognize your face and chat with you, then try to fool it!"


Digital Privacy Detectives by Caroline D. Hardin and Jen Dalsen

Your friend is careful with their Facebook privacy settings and is diligent about using strong passwords. They are also thoughtful about what type of photos they take and post online. Despite all this, an embarrassing photo of them was emailed to everyone in their social circle. Now, your friend is convinced their life is ruined. Gather clues from four different “rooms” using an interactive computer story to figure out who is responsible for posting the photo, how you can support your friend, what they should do next, and how to keep this from happening again.  


Drone Warz by Erin Patrick Owens

Drones are exciting for kids and the next generation of pilots will likely work in these fields in greater numbers than traditional pilots. These STEM programs focusing on drones encourage kids to kinetically interact with technology while learning how adaptations can be applied for functional use. Attendees will learn remote camera functions and setups, real flight controllers, simulated flights and drone functions, and fun and exciting adaptations.

This workstation will engage kids in:

Real Drone Gameplay with VR integration and high score award winners.Building kits for small drones available for instructional construction and operation.using 3-5 Drone and rf aircraft flight simulator stations and Demonstrating the new wireless assault drone will be unveiled.


Hardware Hacking with Side Channel Timing Attacks by Hardware Hacking Village, l33tbunn

A hands-on demo with multiple stages explaining and exploring how poor PIN/password comparison can expose side channel information that can lead to revealing information about the PIN/password.


Hacker Jeopardy for Kids (HJ4K) will be back at R00tz with host Winn Schwartau. Sunday, August 11 @ noon.

Be sure to sign up early, with your team of up to 4 people. There will be challenging questions and competition in two sessions. The first session will be for kids age 12 and younger. The second session will be for ages 13 and older. Winning teams will receive cool prizes. Everyone will have fun!