Where kids can hack without getting in trouble

The end game is to get kids excited about a career or at least a hobby in security research (aka hacking). But it's not exactly presented that way. "If you say to a group of kids, 'Hey, who wants to learn about security and privacy,' two kids raise their hand," said Sell. "If you say, 'Who wants to learn to eavesdrop on cellphones or hack a Tesla?' every kid will raise their hand because it's fun." Read More.

Teaching kids to hack for good

Got a kid with dreams of hacking? Dedicated to children, r00tz Asylum takes place at the annual DEF CON hacking conference, offering a three-day schedule jam-packed with learning and fun for young padawan hackers. Read More.

Hacking Real Things Becomes Child's Play At This Camp

At r00tz, a camp that takes place each year during the Def Con convention in Las Vegas, children learn to pick locks, hack smart TVs and, most important, how to take apart and understand the technology that surrounds them. Read More.

Finding a safe space for kids to hack

Leading security researchers from around the world had gathered to teach this generation — and their parents — how to safely deploy the hacker mind-set in today's increasingly digital world. Read More.