r00tz honor code

Ask yourself, how can you most contribute to this world? What are you best at? What could you become best at? Why are you here? What is the most good you can do?


r00tz kids focuses on these fundamental truths about the universe:

- The world is one. We are all connected.

- These connections are growing stronger and faster everyday.

- Chaos controls the connections.

- Focus controls the chaos.

- You control the focus.


Please remember these values in everything you do:

- Only do good

- Always do your best

- Constantly improve

- Innovate

- Think long-term

- Be positive

- Visualize it

- Inspire others

- Go big & have fun!                                  


The Internet is a small place. Word gets around, fast.

Follow these rules at all times:

- Only hack things you own

- Do not hack anything you rely on

- Respect the rights of others

- Know the law, the possible risk, and the consequences for breaking it

- Find a safe playground

røøtz is about creating a better world. You have the power & responsibility to do so. Now go do it! We are here to help you.